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Yowalk is constantly seeking successful synergies with the aim of spreading the importance of foot health and Progressive Plantar Reactivation through our FeetBoard™: a CE medical device, 100% Made in Italy, and a patented invention.

Yowalk is the first FeetBoard™ for Progressive Plantar Reactivation: it consists of three separate and modular boards, each of which induces, through a series of exercises, a specific natural stimulation of the feet. This reactivates blood circulation and produces a unique and progressive joint massage.

The benefits are diverse, and our FeetBoard™ can be used by everyone: in sports, rehabilitation, prevention, wellness centers, or simply at home.

The FeetBoard™ Yowalk is currently adopted by Serie A competitive football, volleyball, and basketball teams, as well as by individual competitive athletes, both nationally and internationally.

Pharmacies and Healthcare Providers.

Yowalk is recommended for prevention and recovery from lower limb traumas or injuries.
It can be a valuable CE medical device to integrate into your point of sale.

Benefits generated by the use of Yowalk:

  • Promotes circulation in feet and legs, generating an immediate feeling of lightness and vitality after use.
  • Causes an increase in temperature in the lower limbs.
  • Prevents and aids in the recovery of plantar fasciitis.
  • Used in therapies and exercises for the treatment of bunions.
  • In case of trauma or injury, contributes to recovery, reducing convalescence times.
  • Ensures the lowering of plantar support, improving balance and stability.

Physiotherapists and Specialists.

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Yowalk allows performing joint exercises aimed at recovery, reactivation, and rehabilitation of the lower limbs. It can be used with the assistance of a specialist to complement their therapeutic pathways. It prevents and treats joint pains, tendonitis, fasciitis, and other issues affecting the arch of the foot, thanks to the particular stimulation offered by each board.

Benefits generated by the use of Yowalk:

  • Progressive Plantar Reactivation, to prepare the lower limbs for rehabilitative work.
  • Widening and lowering of plantar support, with a consequent improvement in balance and stability.
  • Activation of the plantar pump, with a consequent increase in vascularization, useful for recovering injuries to the lower limbs, avoiding venous stasis or edema.
  • Acts on the plantar fascia, transforming its condition from plastic to elastic, to treat common disorders (such as plantar fasciitis).

Wellness Centers and SPAs.

A new massage for new emotions: offer the sensory experience of Yowalk and provide relaxation and energy to your clients. Designed for foot wellness, it also lends itself well to reactivating hands and back.

Benefits generated by the use of Yowalk:

  • Reactivation of the circulatory pump, with a consequent improvement in peripheral and lymphatic circulation.
  • Activation of sensory channels, to be integrated with meditation and exercises aimed at physical and mental relaxation.
  • Can be integrated with other massage techniques, to offer the client an even more complete well-being and an alternative experience.

Gyms and Fitness Centers.

In your Yoga Center or Pilates School, you can include complete courses that integrate meditation and joint gymnastics into your discipline, for an alternative and innovative sensory path. In the gym, it is very useful for both pre-training and warm-up and after activity, for effective drainage to recover quickly from fatigue and micro-traumas due to training.

Benefits Pre-Training:

  • Initial reactivation and warming of the lower limbs, to reduce the possibility of injuries and inflammations.
  • Activation of the plantar circulatory pump, which generates an improvement in peripheral and lymphatic blood circulation.
  • Improvement of plantar support and stability, for better balance during physical activity.

Benefits during Training: Yowalk can be integrated and alternated with workouts and various courses.

Benefits Post-Training:

  • Anti-stagnation action in muscles caused by workout effects.
  • Contributes to the recovery of the lower limbs, maintaining active circulation aimed at recovery.
  • Restores energy and vitality.
  • Joint massage alleviates possible inflammations.
Access Courses Conducted with FCSM

Yowalk Method:
Harness the potential of the FeetBoard™

Yowalk, in collaboration with FCSM – Continuing Education in Motor Sciences, has created 4 courses dedicated to wellness and health professionals to make the most of the FeetBoard™.
The topics covered in the video courses are:
  • Postural Training
  • Lymphatic System
  • Recovery from Sprain
  • Pathological Foot in Children

Enroll and become a Yowalk Master Trainer!

Follow FCSM courses and pass the final test to obtain the Yowalk Master Trainer certification issued in collaboration with Continuing Education in Motor Sciences, a certificate that further qualifies your professional figure and allows you to exploit the potential of the FeetBoard™ even more.

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Alessandro Pernice

Physiotherapist and osteopath Turin FC
Volley Millennium Brescia

Volley Millenium Brescia

A2 women's volleyball team

Alessia Marchini

Life Coach

Karina Cabrera

Pilates instructor and personal trainer

Jacopo Allegri

Physiotherapist and Osteopath

Luca Conte


Elena Marini

Yoga & Zen Massage Teacher
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