Yowalk FeetSense™.

Yowalk FeetSense™ One single purchase, many different tools to use for the well-being of your lower limbs!

FeetSense™ is an innovative therapeutic solution for the well-being of the feet and lower limbs, designed for preventive, rehabilitative, and physical activity support purposes.
This kit includes various components that allow for a wide variety of treatments and exercises.

Yowalk FeetSense™
1 product, multiple uses!

1st Task

Freeze Tube

It is a cylinder made of 100% aluminum, designed to work with temperatures.

During the summer months, you can cool the Freeze Tube to achieve a refreshing effect on the limbs after intense physical activity. The application of cold helps reduce inflammation and the feeling of fatigue.

During the winter months, it can be heated to provide warmth to the myofascia and prevent common disorders such as plantar fasciitis.

2nd Task

Rullo Twice Evo™

The Rullo Twice Evo™ features various stimulating surfaces designed to specifically activate the sole of the foot.

Through its use, it is possible to transition from a plastic condition, characterized by tension and rigidity, to an elastic condition, promoting better flexibility and adaptability of the foot.

This roller stimulates the intrinsic muscles of the foot, improving balance and stability.

3rd Task

Rullo Stretch Feet™

The Rullo Stretch Feet™ is designed to perform stretching exercises for the feet, such as gymnastics to open the toes and treat disorders such as bunions.

Regular use of the Rullo Stretch Feet™ helps improve flexibility and joint mobility of the foot, reducing stiffness and inflammation.

4th Task

Wooden Bubbles™

The Wooden Bubbles™ are specially designed wooden balls for massaging and stretching the feet.

They can be used to apply targeted pressure to specific points of the foot, stimulating blood circulation, relieving muscle tension, and improving relaxation.

Wooden Bubbles are particularly effective for treating trigger points in the foot.

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