The FeetBoard™ Yowalk.

With just 9 minutes a day, the Yowalk® medical device can help you regain energy, balance, and vitality in your lower limbs.

The FeetBoard™ Yowalk is a well-being path consisting of three modular and versatile boards, capable of bringing to mind the typical sensations provided by contact with nature. The three phases of the FeetBoard™, Green – The Earth, Blue – the seashore, and Grey – the riverbed, through their different textures, stimulate every point of the foot, providing the body with numerous and tangible benefits, right from the first use. The FeetBoard™ is a CE medical device, a 100% Made in Italy patented invention, ideal for every type of user: from athletes to sedentary individuals, from workers to business managers, from young to mature individuals.

1st step

Green. The Earth

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The first step is the green “Green,” the earth, evoking the sensation of walking barefoot on a meadow.

The board is designed for initial reactivation: the stimulation it provides activates the circulation and temperature of the feet and lower limbs.

The minimum usage time is three minutes. The idea behind this first step on the FeetBoard™ is to activate the feet in their entirety, thanks to exercises that shift the body’s weight from heels to toes, engaging the entire perimeter of the feet, including the toes.

The moment to move on to the next pattern is when you feel a sensation of “tingling” in the feet, a sign that circulation has been activated.

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2nd step

Blue. The seashore

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The second step is “Blue,” the seashore, giving the sensation of a relaxing walk on the shoreline.

A more challenging board but extremely useful for the final result. The texture is different, and its distribution serves to amplify circulation stimulation: specifically stimulating the “Lejars Insole,” a structure that promotes plantar pumping and ensures the return of blood to the heart and upper limbs, also encouraging joint mobility in the micro-joints of the foot, leading to plantar lowering and improving stability.

The recommended usage time is a minimum of two minutes. In case of discomfort, compensate with cycles of deep breathing; our brain will adapt to the stimulation, and you can benefit from a unique result. The routine is similar to the previous board, with the difference that steps should be taken more pronounced towards the end of the time.

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3rd step

Grey. The riverbed

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The third and final step is “Grey,” the riverbed, definitively and completely stimulating your foot’s sole, providing benefits to the entire body.

This bed of stones aims to deepen the joint gymnastics initiated by the Blue board; each step will move the plantar structure “conditioned by shoes” to completely free the feet. The stimulators are designed for all types of feet: the lower stones are intended for the beginning of stimulation, especially for those with flat feet, while the larger stones can be used for the separation of the big toe in the case of “Bunions,” and the sharper ones for the energetic reactivation of the reflex organs in our foot sole, as suggested by Reflexology.

The usage time is always a minimum of two minutes. Tip: the other two boards can be overlaid on this one to make the session more complete.

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